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Yastas_arielsshoerepair-141 arielSomehow, you wouldn’t look for sleek, sexy and super elegant ladies’ shoes in a shop that specializes in shoe repairs, delivering that high quality work that skilled European craftsmen were once famous for. However, this is precisely what you’ll find in Ariel’s Shoe Repair shop, a shoe repair business in East Thunderbird Square.

The delicate ladies’ shoes, which represent the ultimate in fine shoe wear when dressing up in style, are displayed across a wall with footwear that incorporates the macho image of the male species of the Old West genuine, exquisite, hand-made lather cowboy boots in true Western fashion. They are handcrafted by no other than the store’s owner himself, Ariel Leviyev, from a selection of leathers that include cow, deer, ostrich and snake skin.

Leviyev moved to Arizona from New York, where he operated his won shop for the last eight years. His experience in the shoe industry spans a few decades, both in designing shoes for a factory in Russia, as well as doing all kinds of repair work. His guarantee of your complete satisfaction is a testimony to the quality of his work. “If you are not completely satisfied with my work or the finished product, there won’t be a charge,” promises Leviyev.

In the backroom of his store, he has all the equipment on hand to make even the most complicated repairs, including any fancy stitching that might have unraveled on your expensive Western boots.

In addition to doing all types of shoe repairs, from smothing out scuffed heels to replacing worn soles, he specializes in orthopedic corrections, and can “personalize” those expensive shoes you bought that don’t feel quite as comfortable as they should. He’ll also cut the heels of your new shoes if they aren’t level with the soles. “This happens a lot, and then people wonder why their back aches when they wear certain type of shoes. I’ll check the heel if they are level with the soles, and if they are not, I’ll do so,” explains Leviyev.

Ariel’s Shoe Repair shop is also a great place to go if you need your brand-name handbag or luggage repaired. He can fix any holes, zippers, handles and even the wheel mechanism on your luggage, the latter of which has a habit of breaking easily.

What’s more, he’ll handcraft your own customized boots, either after your own design, or if you wish, he’ll design them for you. In addition, he can fashion a leather belt to match your boots.

While crafting cowboy boots by hand and repairing shoes is only part of his business, the haute couture satin ladies’ evening shoes on the wall – all in white  – are actually manufactured by three different companies, Coloriffics, Colorful Creations and Dyables. The last name suggests the nature of the shoes; they are all intended for dying in any color and shade you want. Ariel has 300 colors from which you can choose, and an array of 60 different styles in stock in just about any size. In addition, there are 20 different styles of delicate satin handbags that you can have dyed along with your shoes. So, next time you are invited to that grand affair and want to stand out, this is the place to go for your exquisite evening shoes and bags, all customized to your personal color scheme.

“If you don’t like anything you see on the wall or what’s in stock, you can order it from one of the manufacturers’ catalogues,” says Ariel. Dying takes only a few days for products in stock, and a week for special orders.

Another service Ariel performs, and which seems to have gone out of fashion but for which there is often a dire need, is stretching tight new shoes to make them more comfortable. Or you can buy a shoe stretcher he sells at the store, which costs only a little more than the service nd will give you the option of stretching your own shoes next time you have the same problem.

Additional shoe-related products the shop carries are shoehorns, shoe and suede brushes, insoles, heel cushions and a variety of shoe cleaning supplies.

If you want to make sure that your leather shoes enjoy a long and happy life, Ariel’s advice is to rub oil or cream on them twice monthly to keep the leather soft and clean.

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